vanishing point

is schon verrückt, das ich mir vor monaten nach ewigkeiten den film dann endlich mal geholt hab, ihn gleich dreimal gucken musste, um ihn dann aufs leckerste zitiert in death proof wiederzufinden.... und noch dazu die chromente bei stuntman mike.... wie ich convoy mag.... good old classics aus der "new american cinema"-zeit eben....

"There goes the Challenger, being chased by the blue, blue meanies on wheelies. The vicious traffic cop cars are after our lone driver, the electric centaur, the demi-god, the super-driver of the golden West. Two nasty Nazi cars are close behind the beautiful lone driver. The police numbers are getting closer, closer, closer to our soul hero in his soul mobile, yeah baby! They're about to strike! They're gonna get him, smash him! Rape... the last beautiful free soul on this planet. But, it is written, "if the evil spirit armed the tiger with claws, Brahman provided wings for the dove". Thus spoke the super-guru."

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