Bicycle Music Festival in Berlin - Help needed!

Ich kenn da wen und die wiederum kennt auch wen und deshalb und über einige Umwege das hier aus meinem Posteingang:

My name is Joey Chang. I'm writing from the Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Festival Tour 2010.

We are instigating a series of Bicycle Music Festivals http://www.bicyclemusicfestival.com/ this coming summer/fall throughout Europe, and we're looking for righteous organizer partners in each of the festival cities. We are five musical acts touring Europe by bicycle without a support vehicle. We carry our own pedal powered sound system with us on our xtracycle cargo bicycles. For more info, check out reverbnation.com/pleasantrevolution

We'll work together with the local organizer to produce a powerful, grassroots music festival unlike any your town has seen. In a nutshell, here's how we do it:

The Pleasant Revolution touring crew provides a human powered stage and sound system, a live-on-bike mobile performance setup, 4-6 acts for the festival, our consultation and experience in organizing BMFs, help with a local press kit, and some promotional materials.

We'll look to the local team to do publicity, volunteer organizing, fund raising, scheduling, route-planning, permitting, and finding the other acts. (What's involved: How to organize a bicycle music festival http://docs.google.com/View?id=dd5qsvs2_102gs83jcgt)

Once we have a committed lead organizer, we will begin to help plan the festival(s). Our intention is to suggest a framework based on our experience putting these festivals on in the USA, and then leave most of the planning in the hands of our local contact(s) since most of the details depend almost entirely on local knowledge.

Is that something you'd like to take on? Or do you have ideas for an organizer? Are you interested in helping in any other way like hosting our crew (15-16 people!) or helping us find hosts if we split up the group into 3-4 smaller groups?

Thanks so much for your time.
Joey Chang

So, und nun zu Euch:

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Jahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Also Arsch hoch und mitgemacht.

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