all families are psychotic

nachdem ich boyle´s "after the plague" genüsslich verschlungen, wieder ein schönes stück literatur von mister 'generation x' dpouglas coupland: "all families are psychotic"

auf den guten herrn bin ich damals während meiner papier-nachtschichten bei rethmann gestolpert - generation x eingeschweisst ungelesen.... hat mich angefixt... muss so ´95 gewesen sein....

gleich vorneweg - bloss nich versuchen ne übersetzung zu finden, geht bei coupland nur nach hinten los...

"She unsuspectingly caught sight of herself in a floor-length mirror by the sink and the sight stopped her cold. Yes, Janet, that´s correct: you are shrinking - sinew by sinew, protein molecule by protein molecule you are turning into an...an elf, yes, you Janet Drummond, once voted `Girl We´d Rob a Bank For.´"

`Girl We´d Rob a Bank For.´ - schön geschrieben, schöner gedanke... aber flüchtig, wie wind. (der wilde wind - der freie wind - flying daggers)...

"...There. I´m not so bad after all. A Man might still rob a bank for me, and men still do flirt - not to frequently - and older men - perhaps - but the look in the eyes never changes."

wenn bloss nicht das was hinter den augen ist wäre...

"If human beeings had never happened, that same moon would still have been in that very same position, and nothing about it would be different than it is now."

mond = freitag (gewesen, wird sein - weil er nicht anders kann)

"How many of these fathers whispered like pigs into the ears of temps in the office supply room? How many were spending their noon hours in motels? And the mothers - how many were starting to drink Chardonnay with their lonely lunches in the kitchen? How many felt trapped and unloved? How many were almost sick with jealousy over `that bright young gal who`s just turned the marketing departement upside-down with fresh ideas?´ - That bright young gal with a future as big as Montana and legs like Bambi´s mother´s?"

dazu das tropfen des wasserhahns auf die angetrockneten reste des geschirrs in der spüle - oder doch die tränen genährt von - chardonnay - oder schlimmerem...

"...You rolled us off aroad to avoid being touched by me."
"Don´t be such a soap opera."
"This isn´t asoap opera, it´s real life, and you´d rather kill us all than be touched by me."

jaja - things began to turn weird...

"I once believed that people never change, that they only become more like themselves. Now I think that people do nothing but change. ... Time erases both the best and the worst of us." She thought it strange how memory is erased in little bits without regard to memory as a whole.

"...We weren´t robots but we weren´t complete people, either."

"Growing up we used to have this garden out back. Everybody did, I mean, it was South Carolina (Anm.: MV?). My parents - my mom mostly - they were terrible gardeners, but the vegetables made it through each year OK: boring stuff like potatoes and cabbages - some lettuce, some tobacco plants and pumpkins my dad tried growing every year. No flowers. ... But the one year the booze kicked in, and that´s when they really started losing it and going in for the kill on each other. They just kind of stopped doing the garden work. They just ignored it, and I was only about twelve, and in my head gardening wasn´t an activity for twelve-years-olds. I was into smoking and older guys with cars. But I always kept my eyes on the garden. Weeds came in real quick. And rabbits. The cabbage went wild, and and when cabbage goes wild it looks kind of, I don´t know - like a homeless person. Then the bugs ate it up. And the peas never did come back. I´d go out to the garden to smoke when the furniture started flying. I´d go watch what happened to the garden once it lost its protection. Only little bits survived here and there - a potatoe plant; some chives. Mint."
"That garden´s you and me, wade. We´re a garden that´s lost its gardeners. The garden still goes on but it´s never a real garden ever again."

...traurig schön...

"He asked me once what day of the lottery cycle is the biggest day for sales. I said, I dunno, when the jackpot is really big - but he said, no way, it´s the morning after the big jackpot. People come running to him the moment the door´s open. They want to have that ticket in their hands for the maximum amount of time possible. Unless they have a ticket in their hand, then they do´nt have any hope, and they have to have hope."


"When did I turn bad, Jan? Tell me, because I wasn´t always such a bad guy. I was an OK kind of guy when you and I started out. Jan? You listening?"
"Yes. No. I´m in shock. That´s one question I never thought I´d hear from your mouth."
"Pretend we´re dead. we can say anything we want. we can ask each other anything we want. Wouldn´t that be the best thing of all? If life were like that?"

sich den leben nur über diesen umweg nähern zu können... skuriles bild..

"What? What´s so funny?"
"Dear," said Janet, "your past isn´t something you escape from. Your past is what you are."

ein sample für den soundtrack des films den die bilder auf unserer netzhaut ergeben....

es gibt noch so viele stellen die hier genauso gut stehen könnten, aber bücher sind zum lesen da... ;-)

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