10tkm SKF MTRX

The more you ride, the more stuff you gonna break. Sometimes you you just cannot keep up with replacing chains, cleats, cables and... bearings. For the longer rides I still use the same wheelset since 2014, actually two of them. Two because I sent it in for service quite a few times. So swapping them helped to still have a working one. Most times it were the bearings which had to be replaced. Felix was regularly asking what I had done to the wheels. So basically just riding. But when you do a lot of riding throughout the year it means rain, mud and dust. Well, you can't service the SON dynamo hubs by yourself. Since the magnetic drag is quite high it's also difficult to assume the condition of the bearings itself. Sticking to sending them in on regular basis is still the game. That leaves the rear hub to look after. White Industries CLD - a masterpiece and a beauty -robust, reliable and easy to service. The hub got two different bearing types - 6902 & 3802. Both I replaced a few times and each time I opened the seals to check the inner surface condition it was always the same. Rusty and rough with some pitting. Even on the bit better sealed ones. And - no, I don't use a Kärcher for cleaning the bikes.

So I felt really tempted when I came across the news that SKF came up with something that could help on that. The MTRX series sounded pretty promising on keeping dirt and water out of the bearings. For the 6902 I took the KAMB MTRX07 (15x28x7) 61902. For replacements of the 3802 type SKF does not have the exact dimension as alternative. Having asked SKF about their opinion they did not fully recommend to put two smaller ones instead one wide bearing in operation - but they also did not rule it out completely "...it depends...". Light-Wolf did not had put them into operation so far. So I asked White Industries about their opinion on using two bearings with 5mm width, instead one 15x24x10 two 15x24x5. Means I wanted to pick the KAMB MTRX06 (15x24x5) 61802. And they confirmed to do so. Before they got supplied with the 10mm width bearings they did so too - as an old version of the hub description mentions: http://www.whiteind.com/cld2 (which is not online anymore).

Yep, they come with a price tag one would not like to get five pieces just for a single hub. But if it comes down to cent per km...?

(alright, it's not 15tkms yet. sry for being so lazy)

Since I changed the original bearings I put a bit over 10tkm on the wheels - enough to get an impression if they are worth the investment. Normally I would feel some wear when turning the axle, some resistance, rough and far from friction free. This time - nothing. Simply just as right after I put them in place. Seems it takes a bit more to kill them. Let's see how long. ;)