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#include {livelib.h}
#include {faith.h}
#include {time.h}

#define ITMAX 76,6 years

00 Please turnoff all cellphones and personal computer systems.
01 Engineers aren´t funny or cute or nerdy.
02 They´re damaged.
03 I might be damaged, but they´re way more damaged
04 than any other division of the company.
05 It´s bout keepin yourself aware of gettin damaged.
06 Turning the daily Itchy & Scratchy into your own biz -
07 or playground.
08 Like "having a contest - trying to see if there´s
09 any way to hold a knife
10 and walk across a room and not looking psycho".

11 It´s impossible. Maybe it´s impossible,
12 because your personal firewall was configured in a wrong way.
13 You probably missed the last update
14 to make your soul 64-bit compatible.
15 You should not! be surprised facing yourself in the mirror without
16 having the correct password.
17 It´s called Plankalkül.
18 It feels a bit 011100101001111100.
19 Incorrect idea.
20 Please think again.

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