The best meetings are those where no one has to defend himself or his idea. Everybody is free to leave the circus as he came in. Just with a bit more caffeine in his veins. Or cookies on the hips. But take care for those meetings someone has take sides for an idea, his idea. Struggeling starts these moments. Everybody has to put himself in a well lightened position. But our hero gets stuff back like: "Oh that sounds great, I´ve been close to that point too. We should discuss this within the next days." or "Send me the concept via e-mail, I really need to compare this with the paper I´m writing." It´s called "Who´s gluing best?". But every child knows that p!nk elephants are suited for playing in the pool, not in biz!


category > human > male > hetero > over 6ft.

Charger R/T, 426cui-Hemi-V8, yellow/black, w. NOS!!!

Item number:         422270977560
Curent bid:              40.8k (reserve not met)
Time left:                 76,6 years minus current age
Start time:               July-13-07
Ends:                        when running on empty
History:                    4 bids
High bidder:            (private)
Item location:          undefined
Ships to:                   You
Seller:                       shrew(1)
Positive feedback:  (*51)


good condition. quarter-mile-proofed. yellow finish with black bumblebee stripes. will be sold as it is. ask 4 details. test run recommended.

'Profession & Business' says 75%. So well. The other 25% might not even know about engineers - especially might not even know how to write "e-n-g-i-n-e-e-r-s".

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